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GsBP-GasPro GC Columns
Proprietary porous silica layer

USP code

Immobilized, rinse-able with methanol, acetone and pentane
0.32mm ID column only
High plate number
Good separations of volatile sulfurs, CO2, solvents, and light hydrocarbons C1 to C5
Ideal column for sulfur analysis, CFCs and light hydrocarbons

Similar Phases
GS-GasPro, CP-Silica PLOT

Product List

P/N Description Length (m) ID (mm) Film (um) Temperature Limit (C)
8532-0505 GsBP-PLOT GasPro, 5m x 0.32mm x 5.0um 5 0.32 5 -80 to 260/300
8532-1505 GsBP-PLOT GasPro, 15m x 0.32mm x 5.0um 15 0.32 5 -80 to 260/300
8532-3005 GsBP-PLOT GasPro, 30m x 0.32mm x 5.0um 30 0.32 5 -80 to 260/300
8532-6005 GsBP-PLOT GasPro, 60m x 0.32mm x 5.0um 60 0.32 5 -80 to 260/300

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