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GsBP-5MS GC Columns w/ integrated guard columns

Poly(5% diphenyl, 95% dimethylsiloxane), cross-linked and bonded

USP code
Equivalent to USP G27, G36

Solvent rinse-able and high temperature limit
Exceptionally low column bleed, inert and neutral surface, and high plate number
Wide range of column dimensions and stationary phase film thicknesses for GC and GC/MS
General columns for most popular applications, particularly environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical, and
agricultural applications, as well as food and drug related applications and many others. Ideal column for new
method development

Similar Phases
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BPX-5, ZB-5MS, ZB-5HT, AT-5MS, Optima-5MS

Product List


P/N Description Length (m) ID (mm) Film (um)
  GsBP-5MS, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um 30 0.25 0.25
1525-3502 w/ 5m guard column 5    
1525-4002 w/ 10m guard column 10    
  GsBP-5MS, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.50um 30 0.25 0.5
1525-3505 w/ 5m guard column 5    
1525-4005 w/ 10m guard column 10    

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