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Guangzhou Sunshine Technology co.,Ltd,  The company is a professional technical and professional capacity of chemical, biological laboratory equipment suppliers, the company mainly engaged in the instrument are: chemical analysis equipment, optical instruments, electronic equipment, chemical and biological equipment, environmental protection Instruments. Agent of many international and domestic famous brand equipment. Concurrently mining machinery and electronic products and chemical raw materials. companies adhere to high quality service, competitive prices, provide users with the perfect solution; with advanced scientific instruments to improve the quality of the user laboratory. Over the years, we always will be the quality of products and quality service first, held several times each year technical training, product technical service activities in exchange markets, has won user's trust and support. Corporate users throughout the research institutes, universities, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, drug testing, food, beverages, electricity, electronics, steel, agriculture and animal husbandry, environmental protection, measurement, quality inspection, immigration, disease control and other fields.
The company has a team of experienced, energetic, passionate in the work of the excellent sales and service engineers, this is a steady development of the company's driving force, but also to provide users with quality service assurance. Company dedicated to provide customers with quality pre and after sales service, in a timely manner to the most advanced scientific instruments and leading technologies to the masses, allowing users to walk in the forefront of technological progress, the cause of helping the user to fly with the user to create The future.

Hard to develop will bring fruitful results, Sunshine with its superb technology and high quality services by domestic and foreign large-scale customers, and the community has won wide acclaim, and now has entered a three-flash rapid and healthy development of the Express Road. Young's Sunshine in rapid development, and gradually form a "people oriented "business philosophy, and "solidarity, dedication responsible and abide by the credibility, passion and innovation, "the corporate culture. Looking ahead, Sunshine were confident the results will return a more outstanding Chinese and foreign customers


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